Perfection is in the detail

Everything about dance - In our repertoire you can find more than 34 dance shows and performances. This is more than 100 dances and choreographies!

Thanks to a vide portfolio of programs, we provide the most colorful program and performing art offer
in Czech Republic
No aded payments - one team - any them you want
Professional team of experienced artists with strong references

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We break down all stereotypes

The Trn v Oku dance company brings you unique and rare dance programs that may effectively spice up your social event. Trn v Oku currently operates with the widest dance repertory in the Czech Republic; that is why we can put any of your wildest personal concepts directly into practice 

We specialize in exotic and historical dance programs for a highly demanding clientele. We want our performances to be full of action; on the other hand we try to keep as close as possible to the authentic models so that the spectator may feel the genuine atmosphere of the dance. We always make a serious endeavour to introduce new aspects and ideas into our performances; this is why our offer is being constantly extended and uprated.

Quality is our top priority

Each of our programs is detailedly elaborated both from the point of view of the dance choreography and the setting and costumes. In this way the spectator will enjoy himself at every occasion.

What we offer

We offer dance programs from all around the world. With us you are about to discover dances from China, JapanIndia, FranceGreekTurkia, Russia, Balcan or Polynesian dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cook islands or Rapa Nui. Also Can-cancharlestoncabaretfire dance shows,  Belly dances, Flamenco,  Barbarians and Czech folk dances. Nearby you can find also historical dance styles - GothicRennaisanceBaroqueRococo and Empire dances.


Eva Halanová
(CZ, EN, ES)
+420/ 605 380 308

Ajna Kenning
CEO, Artistic Director
(CZ, EN, DE, HU)
cellphone: +1-415-712-9261