Japanese dances / Geisha, maiko

Japonské tance sakura

You can find Japanese dances with fans, manually painted brollies, spring dance of sakura flowers and many other Japanese dances in our repertoir. Japanese dances inspired by the traditional Japanese dancing features or dances of delicate Geishas.

Japanese dances performance

We perform Japanese dances in traditional kimonos imported from Tokyo in several variations. Silk kimonos or kimonos made of silky brocade with rich obi (belt) and creative lacing. Headdress of the dancers is made and decorated precisely according to the patterns of Tokyo. As a matter of course, performers wear other properties (for example footwear).

The dances are performed with manually created fans, little brollies and ribbons by 1 - 3 dancers. The length of an individual performance is 2 - 15 minutes.

VIDEO - Japanese dances at Manes Gallery in Prague
VIDEO - Fuyo no sakura - japonese dance with bamboo umbrellas

Modern Japanese style

As a rarity we dance Japanese dance in Manga style or like kenji kawaii. See more in the Uniforms.

Japanese fight and Samurais

Enjoy an impressive spectacle of Samurais and their fighting skills. “Dancing and fighting“ performance combines Geisha dance and Samurai combat, but an effective Samurai combat alone can also be provided. Performed by professional stuntmen and fencers in original costumes and Japanese armour

japonské tance japonské tance brno japonská show japanese dances japonske tance gejsa botanicka

Japanese programs - VIDEO:

Samurais, Archa, Olomouc 

Japanese event in Samurai restaurant at Prague 

Japonese inspirations - RIN

Kimono fashion show

More than authentic 15 kimonos, authentic music, expert commentary, beautiful male and female kimonos and kimono getting dressed.
More about the show here

JAPONSKO - Japonské tance pro DHL - tanec s vějíři japanese dances japonske tance gejsa japonské tance gejša show
JAPONSKO - Japonské tance japonské tance s Adélou Banášovou japonské tance - gejši
JAPONSKO - Japonské tance japonský tanec pro DHL japonské tance - gejši. Japonský tanec s paraplátkem

Order the japanese dance show

To order of Japanese dances - consultation for free, call: Ajna Kenning +1-415-712-9261, trnvoku@centrum.cz


Japonské tance JAPONSKO - Japonské tance JAPONSKO - Japonské tance JAPONSKO - Japonské tance Japonské tance

Japan, the land of beauty

Japanese dance in every its form you can find in San Franciso. Ajna Kenning and her dance japanese shows will bring you an unforgetable experience of Japan in your home. More info or booking see at Japanese dance SF






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Eva Halanová
+420/ 605 380 308

Ajna Kenning
managing director
(CZ, EN, DE, HU)
Mobil: +1-415-712-9261
E-mail: trnvoku@centrum.cz