Indian dances - Bollywood

Indické tance - Bollywood

We present original dance choreographies based on the Bollywood style from the Indian town of Pushkar. Our offer consists of modern Bollywood dances, Bollywood dances based on the traditional Indian dance with the aspects of Kathak, or Rajasthan folk dances.

Length of the Bollywood dances performance is 5 - 15 minutes or more due to a previous arrangement. We perform in 1 - 6 performers.

Bollywood, Indian Dances, Rajasthan Dances

Trn v Oku
offers a wide range of modern and folk Indian dances.

- Bollywood
- Punjabi
- Rajasthan folk dances
- Sapera Kalbeliya

The Trn v Oku dance company has been concerned with the problematic of Indian dances for several years, having derived the knowledge of the subject both from Czech and foreign teachers and lecturers. The company has likewise passed trainings directly in Pushkar; hence also come most of the troupe’s choreographies. Traditional music and costumes create an impressive unison which is sure to please any kind of spectator.

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Order of dances from India and Bollywood program

To order Indian Bollywood dances or the Indian program call: Ajna Řezníčková 777 153 646 for a free consultation or email us to


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Indian Dances from Rajasthan

Indické tance z Radžastánu

As a complete rarity we perform traditional dances of Sapera Kalbeliya from Rajasthan, a tribe relatively close to the so-called snake charmers. This type of Indian dance is extremely dynamical and joyful, and is sure to drag you into the whirl of genuine atmosphere of India.

Performed by 1 - 4 dancers. Original costumes including necessary properties. Length of the performance: 3 - 10 min.

North India Dance – Dances from Rajasthan

Trn v Oku also performs traditional Indian folk dances from the Rajasthan area – North India. Rajasthan dances are very lyrical but simultaneously dynamical. They combine several varied cultural influences, which is why they never fail to charm their audience.

Video Sample 1 – Dragon Autumn

Video Sample 2 – Travellers’ Festival 2010

Specifics of the Indian Dance

Indian dances employing balancing of different props. Performances very typical for the traditional Indian folklore, especially in Rajasthan (Ghumar dances). Dancers usually dance with various properties while balancing these on their heads, or combine the above mentioned technique with balancing other items such as cups, glasses or other vessels.

We are ready to bring you this specific Indian dance expression in its entirety. Length of the performance 3 - 10 minutes for one dancer.


Order the exotic rajasthani dances

To order Indian dances from Rajasthan or for a free consultation email us to

Severní Indie - Rajasthan Severní Indie - Rajasthan Severní Indie - Rajasthan Severní Indie - Rajasthan



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