Rococo dances

Rokokové tance

Seductive girls from out-of-the-way sunken public houses or beautiful ladies in abundant robes. Fencers and duelists.

This and more we offer as a part of the performance presented by the Trn v Oku dance company.

Rococo Dances

Dances from the Royal court
– Rococo ladies of considerable beauty and alabaster skin will bring you the genuine atmosphere of the 18th century. Rococo dances tasting of almonds.

The exciting feeling of history in the air will yet be strengthen by use of beautiful and very elaborated Rococo costumes which are either authorial designs of the company or copies of authentic period models.

rokoko rokoko Rokokové tance Rokokové tance

Rich buoyant pair dancing
– we perform pair dancing of the court of the 18th century. Dance 1 - 2 pairs.

Folk dances – Young maidens
– tempting young girls play and flirt seductively with the nobility. Rococo dances from the folk environment. Scenic thematic elaborations of the Rococo style and Commedia dell’Arte. Playful dances performed by 2 - 4 beautiful dancers in corsets and richly layered skirts. Girls dance to the stylized period music. Let yourself to be tempted and lured by their smiles; abandon yourself to the atmosphere of the times long passed.

Rococo pair folk dancing
– pair folk dancing. Historical folk dances based on preserved originals from the Southern Bohemia or personally stylized folk dances. Length of the performance is 3 - 10 minutes.

rokokový tanec rokokový tanec rokokové tance lidové rokokové tance lidové


Related Rococo performances

As an interesting diversification of the whole program we offer fencing performances carried out by Rococo fencers – these lords will acquaint you with the effective but visually very fragile art of the small sword. The thematic block can also be extended by other types of performers such as belly dancers or a fakir (fakir show).

Order rococo performances

To order Rococo dance programs/historical fencing programs please call Ajna Řezníčková 777 153 646 for a free consultation or email us to

Rococo dances rokoko rokokový tanec
rokokový tanec rokoko rokokový tanec



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