Dances of Polynesia - Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook is., Rapa Nui

Havajský tanec

The largest repertoire of Hawaiian and Tahitian dances in the Czech Republic.

We present Hawaiian dances in their complete colorfulness and brightness. We perform not only Hawaiian dances, though, but also those from French Polynesia. Dances from Hawaii, Tahity, Bora Bora or Cook’s Islands. Each one of these dances is highly specific from the rhytm and costume point of view.

Types of Hawaiian dances

The large-scaled offer of Polynesian dances can be found in our repertoire. Trn v oku dances beautiful Hawaiian Hula dances which tell numerous stories of old, or very dynamic Tahiti dances danced to the wild rhytms of drums. We performed mystic dances of Bora Bora and soft dances of Cook Islands as well. These are the aboriginal dances of local tribes only slightly modified for a greater visual effect.

Dances are performed by 1 - 8 dancers with flowers, burning torches and many other original Hawaiian dancing properties.
The dance show lenght is 3 - 15 minutes.

Havajské tance - pacifický program

Havajské tance a tance z Tahiti

Havajské hula kahiko tance

Videos from our performances
VIDEO - HAWAIAN HULA, Náprstkovo muzeum 2015

Tahitian dance show, Náprstkovo muzeum 2015
VIDEO - Hawaian dance workshop
VIDEO - Havajská hula - I left my heart in San Francisco by Ajna
VIDEO - Havajské hula tance ve stylu Kahiko - Trend Event 2014
VIDEO - Tahiti ori for Allianz a.s. 
VIDEO - Dance shows from Hawaii and Tahiti
VIDEO - Tahitian aparima

Other Hawaiian programs

Hawaiian dance training. We will teach you or your guests classic Hula dance or merry Tahitian dances. As a bonus and diversification of our Hawaiian dancing show we will dance an example of limbo or it is possible to dance limbo directly with guests. During the evening performance or for a greater visual effect we will dance limbo with a burning pole.

Hawaiian fire show. We offer breath-taking fire show in Hawaiian style. Fire Poi (popular dancing property from Maui) twirling, fire knife, chains poles and fire-spitting. Whole fire performance is made in Tahitian arrangement, music and costumes included. The show is performed by professional dancers and jugglers.

Aloha - Polynesian fashion show

Havajské tance a tance z Tahiti Havajské tance a tance z Tahiti Havajské tance a tance z Tahiti Moderní havajské tance

Order Hawaiian and Tahitian dances

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More video

Smíchovská pláž, Praha, 24.7.2009 - havajské tance, tahitské tance a tanec s ohněm.

ČLÁNEK O POLYNÉSKÉM TANCI - autor Ajna Kenning /Řezníčková/


Havajský tanec Havajský tanec hula auana ajna Havajské tance a tance z Tahiti Havajský tanec
Havajský tanec, tahitské tanečnice, péřové kostýmy Havajský tanec - pacifický program Cookovy ostrovy Současné havajské tance a tance z Tahiti Havajský program - tahitské tance
havajské hula kahiko - pele Havajské tance a tance z Tahiti Havajské tance - taneční program Cookovy ostrovy Moderní havajské tance





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