Spanish dances from shiny Andalusia are performed by the Trn v oku dancers. Dances of various character danced in historical costumes with rich manual embroidery and implemented with traditional Spanish dancing properties (castanets and fans) will carry you to sun-bright Spain.

Flamenco, sevillanas, tangos

We dance various Spanish dances. Passionate flamenco, folkish sevillanas or tangos.

Spanish folkish dance sevillanas is performed with castanets and may be untraditionally implemented by a fan or fire fan. This feature is used for the first time in the whole history of this particular dance and is under the authorship of the Trn v Oku group.

Another popular dance is Tangos. It is danced to swift and lively flamenco rhytm. Spanish dances are performed by 1 - 4 dancers.

VIDEO - flamenco Renault 2012

Spanish dances and flamenco may be combined with exhibition of oriental flamenco which connects musical and dancing features of belly dances and spanish dance movements.

Flamenco Flamenco Flamenco Flamenco

Other Spanish programs

Spanish fencing is wild and full of temperament. Trn v oku in cooperation with professional fencers and stunts offer historical fencing of the Spanish school. Fencing exhibitions or duels for women. Let yourself be carried away to one of the most beautiful countries of the world – to Spain.

Spanish music - spanish guitar music.

Order of Spanish dances (consultation for free)

Call: Ajna Řezníčková, +420 777 153 646 Write to: trnvoku@centrum.cz


Flamenco Flamenco, španělské tance Flamenco, španělské tance FLAMENKOVÉ TANCE flamenco show
Flamenco Flamenco, španělské tance Flamenco, španělské tance Flamenco, španělské tance
Flamenco Flamenco, španělské tance Flamenco, španělské tance Flamenco, španělské tance



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