Chinese dances

čínské tance

Chinese dances are very colourfull and miscellaneus and so is the country where they originate from. You can find dances from all China in our offer.
Dances from North and South. Chinese dances from Sin Tiang, melodies from the region of the Yelow River or the borderland of Kazakhstan. As a total rarity we perform dances from Tibet.


Types of Chinese dances

We perform Chinese dances in some costumes variations. The Chinese dances are very impressive from the visual point of view.
We offer dances with manually painted brollies, dances with New Year’s Chinese lanterns, with fans of different types, but also historical dances, for example so called Long Sleeve Dance from the 9th century – the era of the Tchang dyansty rule.
Dances performed by 1 - 6 dancers. The length of one individual performance is 5 - 10min.

VIDEO - Chinese dances mix - Travel festival Kolem světa
VIDEO - Chinese dances, American Chance Casinos
VIDEO - Chinese peacock dance, solo, Buddhabar Prague



čínské tance čínské tance čínské tance


Chinese program – Chinese combat arts

As another specificity we offer you a very popular Chinese Dragon dance or Lion dance. Both of them are much-favoured and are considered totally essential amusements at Chinese celebrations and festivities of whatever kind.


tanec čínského draka tanec čínského lva čínský drak

Besides that, we will be glad to present exhibits of traditional Chinese combat art Wu Shu. Acrobatic and exciting fighting technics with and without weapons presented by masters of this combat art who very succesfully represent the Czech Republic even abroad.

Chinese tea-room will diversify your soirée or dinner party and will make it more pleasant for you. Qualified persons will bring you closer to the mysteries of tea preparation. All this comes with well-developed style, including costumes and scenography.

Examples of Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts in the Trn administration in the eye and his colleagues refer to our partner-site

Video - Chinese dragon dance

Order of Chinese dances and chinese programs

Free consultation or order of chinese dances and chinese shows (chinese dragon and lion dance or chinese martial arts) Please write to:


čínský tanec

čínský tanec chinese dances with fans

čínský tanec čínské tance chinese dances with umbrella
čínské tance čínský tanec čínský tanec chinese dances with fans čínský tanec chinese dances with fans
čínský tanec čínské tance čínský tanec čínský tanec chinese dances with fans tea art cajovy obrad



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