French Cancan


A true French cancan. Tempting body waveforms of the cancan dancers, trifling and playful cancan choreography will bring you right to the buoyant, lusty cabaret atmosphere of the 19th century. Cancan choreography danced to the music of J. Offenbach and a larksom cancan dance to the well-known Trigger Whisky Can-Can song from Limonádový Joe movie.

Seductive cancan

Cancan is a great way how to improve one’s party or event. Beautiful dancers in original and opulent costumes will show you how gorgeous and elegant their long swinging legs can be.
The audience can be involved in to the dance or we can teach cancan to them.

We offer a couple of Cancan shows in different costumes.  

Cancan is danced by 2 - 6 dancers and the lenght of one show is 3 to 10 minutes, depend on the number of dancers.

VIDEO  - CANCAN, Líšovské slavnosti

VIDEO Alain Turban Galashow, Praha / Un taxi dans les etoiles. Cancan show, live dance

kankán, kankánový tanec kankán - taneční show, předtančení alain turban kankanova show kankán - taneční show, předtančení


Cancan and other dances

As a possible combination with cancan we offer other dancing exhibitions which goes perfectly together. These are Western style and Charleston style. Cancan, Western or Charleston will greatly improve your social event or party!

Other performances in the 19th century style

As a great combination of performances we offer Prague “Cockneys“ performance or "The Mafia" performance presented by professional stuntmen and fencers from the Merlet group. The whole performance consists of very succesfull and funny theatrical fight scenes full of stuntmen twists and gags.
You can combine Cancan with Charleston or Cabaret or Fire dance show made by Trn v oku as well.
Other programs and activities you can find in the offer of our agency Trn v oku

kankán kankán tanec z divokého západu kankán

Order of Cancan

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kankán detail tanečnice kankán tanec z divokého západu kankán - výkopy
kankán - taneční show, předtančení kankán, kankánový tanec kankán - alain turban show prague burlesque
kankán, kankánový tanec v 10 tanečnicích kankán - výkopy nohou kankán
kankán z westernu kankán kankán - BOH 2011 barmanské originální hry




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