Cabaret dance performances in the spirit of the wartime period. In our program, you will hear a cabaret-style French and American tunes on the dancing beauties in the original cabaret costumes. Seductive dance, which will not miss a dance with hats, wands, or even dancing with a chair.

Cabaret dances

Cabaret is suitable for corporate events such as dance show for balls or dancing to celebrate. Excellent combination of dance as Cabaret - Cancan - Charleston. Dancing in the number of 1 - 6 dancers. The length of the dance entry is about 2 - 8 minutes.

Moulin Rouge cabaret - Cabaret no. 2

dance program can be implemented in several costume options:

- French cabaret 40´s - musical themes from the musical Cabaret and Edit Piaf.
Dance block length is about 7 minutes.
Dancing in the number of 2  -6 dancers.

- Cabaret show in the style of musical Moulin Rouge and theme song "Lady Marmalade" performed by singers Pink, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Lil 'Kim.
Length of the dance is 4 minutes. 
Dancing in the number of 2 - 6 dancers.

Moulin rouge Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge


Other Programs

Cabaret dance programs can be combined with the performance of stunts, which perfectly complement the atmosphere. We offer both large and small programs with the theme of 20th-20th century 30s. We offer a Mafia shootings or knife fights between Joe Prague.

Mafia is a program presented by professionals in this field have many years experience.


Order cabaret

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