Scenic dance performance in angelic arrangements.

Dance program with the wings of Angels. Unconventional processing of the modern music and opera. The program can be locate in non-traditional locations, the actions they wish to vary or actions directly with the angelic theme, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas party.
Dance with a spectacular silk fans.

Dance show  "Angels" can be modified in various styles. Suitable for day and evening events.
Costumes can adjust the color in different styles:

- Black Wings
- Red Wings
- White wings

- to order other colors - pink, blue, purple, etc.

Valentine's program - Dance performance suitable as a companion program for Valentine party.


Dancing show in black and red with spectacular silk fans. Duration of the dance is 4 minutes. Dance 2 - 8 dancers. Recommended number of dancers is 4 or 6 girls.

Angels Angels Angels

Black Angels

Dancing Angels. Solo  or group dancing. Dances with silk fans, candles or burning lamps. Number of dancers 1 - 6. The length of the program is 8 - 12 minutes.
The dance show Black Angels can be used like animation or backround for your events.

andělské tance andělské tance andělské tance

Dark Angels

Dark Angels in the tribal fusion style. Decorative and sexy black suits with angel wings - Punk rock arrangements. This dance arangement is recomended to mystical and mysterious styled events.


temní andělé temní andělé Temní andělé Temní andělé

Past Events - The Black Angels

Themed dance performances we realized for this subjects:

Opening ceremony of the complex of buildings Cornlofts, Šaldova, Praha - GNG agency
Christmas party "Black Angels", Špindlerův Mlýn
Representative shows new range of coffee machines Pixie Nespresso, společnosti Nespresso, Sasazu, Praha - agentura GNG
Christmas party of Sinless club, Praha

VIDEO - Solo dance "My little angel"


Order Angel dance show

For order or request on e-mail: or call on +420 / 777 153 646 Ajna Řezníčková, Event Manager.



andělské tance
Temní Andělé andělské tance Andělé
Andělé Černí andělé andělské tance  


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